Never miss out on mortgage rates dropping

At Hero Mortgage Group we have the ability to renegotiate your rate lock if rates move lower while we are processing your loan. Never miss out on rates dropping again!*
  • *Eligible loads for a new rate must be within 7 business days from closing.
  • As a broker, we have to move your file to a new lender and secure at current market rates.
  • Hero Mortgage Group is not responsible for missing a closing if we are moving a file to a new lender. Clients are responsible for working with your real estate agent on adjusting the close date if Hero Mortgage Group cannot meet the previous closing time.
  • New rate with the new lender needs to be started and set by the borrower.
  • Our policy can change at any time, for any reason, and without notice. Clients are responsible for checking this policy often to be aware of policies changes that impact them.

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